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Primary Care Providers

With Extended Hours Are you looking for a doctor’s office that can see you the same day? Do you need a primary care practice with extended hours that fit your life? Quality medical care is right here in Collierville...

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Sick Visits

Sickness can strike at the blink of an eye and many times it occurs after hours. How many times do you children seem just fine on Friday and Saturday morning they wake up with a fever? When colds, flu, allergic reactions strike it may not be during...

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Treatments and Injections

Is it time for a routine annual immunization or just a Vitamin B-12 injection to boost your immunity? Have you had a minor injury that requires suturing and laceration treatment? Your child’s team was winning but now your on the sideline...

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Women’s & Men’s Health Visits

First Choice Care provides quality healthcare for men and women. Disease preventative for overall health and well being are discussed with your provider. Take charge of your healthcare with routine screenings, visits, bloodwork and immunizations...

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Lab Work and Tests

Illness can come on suddenly. First Choice Care has lab and screening tests on premises for your convenience. Is it just a bad cold or did the fever and body aches come on suddenly? Do you have a sore throat that won’t go away? Maybe it’s...

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